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DNA Paternity Testing

Grace Laboratories offers you with Single Pass DNA Sequencing service for PCR DNA, Plasmid, and large-insert templates

Hb Electrophoresis

At Grace we do Capillary Hb Electrophoresis to identify variant and abnormal hemoglobins, including hemoglobin A1 (HbA1), hemoglobin A2 (HbA2), hemoglobin F (HbF; fetal hemoglobin), hemoglobin C (HbC), and hemoglobin S (HbS).

Fertility Testing

With multiple genomic targets potentially contributing to disease, analysis requires flexibility and accuracy

Our Patients

At Grace Laboratories it is not just a sample or a test, but is always about your health and well-being. We go the extra

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Grace Laboratories provides all its clients with quality service by amalgamating skills, knowledge, up to date laboratory equipment and reputation. Thus insuring our clients needs are met to their satisfaction.